10 Park Avenue South.
New York.

Kitchen renovation with unique industrial material

Customized concrete countertops ground the space while porcelain tiles from Nemo Tile create an aged metallic backsplash.

Inserted in the customized polished concrete countertop is a 1/4” piece of steel, further emphasizing the interconnection of raw materials in this industrial inspired kitchen.

From the bedroom we peer through the customized sliding doors to the loft–like living space.


Loft-like Living area with modern design

Antiqued Venetian plaster walls surround an aged Oriental rug and Room and Board sofa.

This detail of the sliding doors shows the construction combination of resin panels by 3Form, aged steel, and rounded screw heads all strategically placed while creating a repeating pattern.


Custom Bathroom renovation

The unique tub is enclosed with a wall of mosaic travertine while the shower enclosure is lined with porcelain copper tiles from Nemo’s original collection.

The wall mounted faucet sits atop tumbled travertine just below a ledge of honed marble.



Home renovation with industrial material for a modern residence

The design intent for this one bedroom residence was to transform the compartmentalized floor plan of a pre-war apartment into an open space. This was elegantly achieved through the process of eliminating the division of physical walls and embracing the connectivity of the private bedroom space to the main living space.

One of the focal points in the space is a series of custom rustic steel and resin paneled sliding doors, which have been used in place of a true wall between the two main spaces. Besides being an eye-catching detail, these doors functionally allow for an open layout while still maintaining the flexibility of privacy when needed.

The rustic finishing of the apartment gives it a masculine intensity that is tenaciously embedded in every surface and textile. In addition to the textured gliding doors, there are Antiqued Venetian Plaster walls, an aged Oriental rug, concrete and slate finishes, and rough textured wood shelving.

Beyond the newly applied surfaces and furnishing selections, the client included a request for a musical recording studio. Choice materials were selected to achieve a sealed acoustic environment for developing new projects. In addition, the space was maximized with the use of proper shelving to house the specific technological equipment required.

The kitchen and full bath were renovated with tumbled travertine, concrete, and metal finishes, emulating the materials and the overall feel of the living and sleeping spaces. It is the material selections in this project that bring together the rough, yet warm and refined feeling that is achieved in the space. All the separate elements and required program details of the design, come together in a united aesthetic that is flawlessly accomplished.



Nice words from
Mr. Gottlieb

“When I bought my apartment, I loved the general vibe of the place but I knew I wanted to renovate to make it my own. Problem was I had never done anything like that, was new to the city and low on design resources. I was looking for a partner in crime to develop a stylistic concept.

When I met with the team at 3F Living I felt a real spark of energy from them. There was an eagerness to collaborate on a project specific to my personality without railroading me in one direction or another.

I am definitely a "hands-on" client and it is to their credit that they were as patient and accommodating, as I was a pain in the ass at times. I am drawn to materials that have an industrial, earthy, distressed feel to them so we tailored the design around that aesthetic until we had a solid game plan. During the process, we brainstormed some pretty unorthodox ideas. Some were implemented, some were expanded on, and some were reined in. But I never felt that my own suggestions were dismissed out of hand. I am very pleased with the end result and enjoyed the journey along the way.”