Find it.
Find the home that is right for you

For our clients who engage us at the “Find it” stage, we search to find the complete space that meets all of their lifestyle needs. As our knowledgeable Real Estate Agents narrow the options based on a location, budget, and building type, our Interior Designers assist our clients in envisioning the potential of the space through alternate floor plans and design renderings. Our expert understanding of the fluctuating real estate market as well as accurate renovation costs allow us to design an operational plan before any offers are submitted and contracts are signed.

Fix it.
Make your home unique

In the "Fix it" stage, our Interior Design Team will plan and supervise the necessary renovations to help solve what is currently not working in your home. We will assist in the completion of the building’s Alteration Agreement and arrange for any necessary permits to be filed. From distinctive kitchen and bathroom remodels to extensive gut renovations we are by your side every step of the way.

Furnish it.
The finishing touches

Furnishing a space is equally as important as the "Find It." and "Fix It." stages. "Furnish it." is the layering stage, equivalent to the last look in the mirror before you step out into public each morning. At the “Furnish it.” stage, we strive to sort through the “clutter” and create comfortable, attractive, unique spaces, reflective of the lifestyle and personality of the client.

Commitment to excellence

We continue to build long-term client relationships and inevitably create unique personal spaces full of joy and comfort.


We help you Find it. Fix it. and Furnish it.

3F Living brings a fresh and seamless approach to helping our clients find and create a perfect home.

Our tagline summarizes our exclusive service, beginning with the search for that ideal home to the enjoyment and satisfaction of settling into a new residence. In doing so, 3F Living is the premiere New York City firm of Real Estate Agents, Contractors, and Interior Designers.